New October Book Releases

Lula Cafe Cookbook + Signature Cocktails

This October brought us two highly anticipated publications to dig into this Fall. We know what we'll be obsessing over this month - perfecting Hammel's tonnato to slather on absolutely everything while we sip Liz Kelley's recipe for a Kodak Moment. 


LULA CAFÉ COOKBOOK           49.95


Hammel’s prose is just as nourishing and full of care as his food. Lula Cafe has been a staple of the Chicago food scene since its inception in 1999. Hammel’s first cookbook is a collection of moments captured over twenty-four years of community and cookery that is Lula. But more importantly, it's an open invitation to cultivate community with the food and people that grow around us.

So, hit the OP farmer’s market, open the Lula Cookbook and create a moment in time.




A succinct and thoughtful chronology of cocktails from around the world, with their origins and corresponding recipes. A stellar addition to your culinary bookshelf, or bar shelf. We will be working our way through the book ourselves and in the process—we’ll probably build the most impressive backbar the world has ever known. 





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