Wine Club Details

Subscription Details

We offer a monthly selection of two, three or four bottles alongside tasting + pairing notes and occasionally other things we think you might enjoy.

Selections are ready for pick up on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

We do our very best to choose wines that showcase exceptional winemaking with selections ranging in style.

Pause or change your subscription any time.

Enrollment for each month ends on the 5th, if enrolled after, your subscription begins the following month.

Wine Club Options
  • Two everyday wines $45
  • Two occasion wines $75
  • Two everyday + One occasion $95
  • Two everyday + Two occasion $125
Member Perks
  • 10% off all retail purchases
  • Background + tasting notes
  • Tasting of all four bottles every 2nd Sunday
  • other little things we think you might enjoy :)