Martha Stoumen Wine Tasting

Martha Stoumen Wine Tasting

We're pouring Martha from 4pm-6pm on Friday 22nd here at the shop. 

Martha Stoumen is a solo act that we we've been watching for the past eight years make a name for herself not only here in the states-but internationally as well. I remember my first bottle of Benchlands, I was sitting in a low lit bottle shop in Houston watching this wine slowly unfurl in the glass and consequently unravel my mind. I thought to myself- one day, when I grow up, I want to be her. 

Martha's goal after working with Giusti Occhipinti (Cos Winery) and conversations with his niece Arianna (Occhipinti), was to uncover the flavor of California. Upon her return home, she worked with Chris Brockway (Broc Cellars) and eventually came to the conclusion that she would have to strike out on her own. 

She sought vineyards in California where grape growing was managed organically. In more arid regions, like Mendocino, Martha was able to find a climate that lent itself to very little intervention, and the rest is a history that we can taste. 

We love to see her evolution every vintage. Her wines all have this through line of fruit that vibrates out of the glass. And if you peer behind that, there is a nuanced history of the people of California in each bottling. Telling stories of Italian families and Franciscan fathers that came to the coast and planted Primitivo or Nero d'Avola for their table wines. The countless generations that followed keeping these traditions-and vines-as part of their own daily culture.

They confer an unmistakable sense of place and heritage. Martha's wines tell us about valleys drenched in sun along the northern California coastline and the promise a future full of possibility. These wines take time to make, and with native yeast fermentation, they don't always turn out the way she planned. But when they do, it feels like seeing your first crush look back at you. It's that tingly spark, that tells us she's onto something really special.

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Come join us for a tasting of her wines at the shop.

Friday September 22nd, from 4pm -6pm. 

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