2020 Maison Toutain ‘Cidre Bouché’, Sparkling Cider | Normandy, France

Varietal(s): 35 heirloom apple cultivars

Orchard Management: Practicing organic, hautes-tiges system

Cider making: no additions of any kind, spontaneous fermentation, light filtration before bottling

Typicity: Typical, their style has not changed since the family officially began in 1921.

Bio: Corinne Lamiot and her son, Maxime, manage the 62 acres of 35 different apple varieties that make up the family domaine La Couterie. The majority of their cider production is the first step in Maison Toutain's calvados, where 50 liters of cider makes one liter of eau de vie. (hint: try their calvados sometime)

Corinne and Maxime bottle about 5% of their total cider production as is, for us to enjoy. Pair it with something impossibly rich, like Hemme Bros. capicola and cultured butter on a crusty slice of bread, and take a moment to marvel at the little things. 

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