2021 Domaine L’Alezan ‘Méandres’, Rosé Pet Nat of Syrah + Cinsault | Ardèche, France

Varietal(s): Syrah + Cinsault

Vineyard Management: Practicing Organic

Winemaking: Spontaneous Fermentation, Unfiltered/Unfined, no Sulfur additions

Vegan: Yes

Typicity: There are no wild flavors, however I've never tasted anything quite like this. So I would say this wine is atypical because of style-not fermentation practices. 

Tasting Notes:  This wine transforms within a few hours of opening it, allow yourself a little time to let it fully evolve. At first, color is a pale pink with almost an orange tint. Membrillo paste and wet crushed pink granite is what I immediately thought of at first sip. Then I waited a bit, and as the bottle warmed up on my kitchen counter, my second glass was filled with salted watermelon and cocoa nib. Cherry cola is a common note for this wine, but for me, I felt like there is something sanguine on the back end that makes me hesitate. Truly unique. 

Bio: Patricia and Rémi Bonneton began in the early 2000's, offering plowing services to other vignerons in Northern Rhone with the help of their two horses, Suspens and Palynka. After almost a decade of plowing, they were able to secure a small plot of Syrah at the Northernmost tip of Ardèche where the Syrah for this bottling is grown. They also work with other growers in the region to purchase grapes for their second label, La Tangente. 


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