2021 Martha Stoumen ‘Out to the Meadow’, White Blend | Suisun Valley, California

Varietal(s): 66% Chenin Blanc, 16% Vermentino, 11% Trousseau Gris, 5% Green Hungarian, 2% Chasselas Doré

Vineyard Management: King Vineyard-synthetic fungicide is used, all else is according to organic practices

Winemaking: Native yeast fermentation, Neutral vessel, Unfined/Unfiltered

Vegan: Yes

Typicity: Atypical

Bio: Martha Stoumen is a solo act that we we've been watching for the past eight years make a name for herself not only here in the states-but internationally as well.

Martha's goal after working with Giusti Occhipinti (Cos Winery) and conversations with his niece Arianna (Occhipinti), was to uncover the flavor of California. Upon her return home, she worked with Chris Brockway (Broc Cellars) and eventually came to the conclusion that she would have to strike out on her own. 

She sought vineyards in California where grape growing was managed organically. In more arid regions, like Mendocino, Martha was able to find a climate that lent itself to very little intervention, and the rest is a history that we can taste. 


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