2021 Teutonic Wine Co., ‘Bergspitze’, Pinot Noir | Chehalem Mountains, Oregon

Varietal(s): Pinot Noir (Laurel Vineyard)

Vineyard Management: Dry-Farmed 

Winemaking: Low-intervention, Pied de Cuve 

Vegan: Yes

Typicity: Typical for Pinot Noir from high altitude sites (1250 ft.) in the Chehalem Mountains.

Bio: Olga and Barnaby Tuttle embody a phrase my metaphysics professor said at least every class, if not under every breath, "Zeal is the mark of the Lover." It's obvious Barnaby loves all that winemaking entails. He and his wife Olga began with no plan, no funding, no real idea what to expect. What came to be is Teutonic Wine Company, a once small scrappy little outfit that in recent years has grown to be just as much a benchmark in Oregon wine as David Lett's Eyrie. We've been big fans since we first tried the Crow's Vineyard Riesling in 2013 and we are still big fans. 

The vineyards are dry-farmed, fermentation is always with yeast strains native to the vineyard sites, and most importantly the wine is delicious. 

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