2015 BK Wines ‘Ovum’, Pinot Gris | Lenswood, Adelaide Hills, Australia

Varietal(s): Pinot Gris

Vineyard Management: Practicing organic/sustainable

Winemaking: Spontaneous Fermentation, Conrete Ovoid 1900L Tank, Unfined/Unfiltered

Vegan: Yes

Typicity: Typical for Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris, although much more complex. I would fail a blind taste for this as Pinot Gris every single time. 

Bio: In 2007, Brendan and Kirstyn Keyes set out to make vineyard specific wines from the Adelaide Hills, with very little intervention. When Brendan isn't ripping it up on biking trails, he's employing a deft hand at making some of my favorite white wines from Australia. 


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