Eden ‘Brut Nature’, Apple Cider | Newport, Vermont 375mL

Varietal(s): Kingston Black, Roxbury Russet, Esopus Spitzenburg McIntosh, Dabinett,  Yarlington Mill, Calville Blanc Hudson’s Golden Gem, Orleans Reinette, Empire, Black Oxford, Blue Pearmain, Rhode Island Greening, Baldwin

Orchard Management: Practicing Biodynamic, Regenerative growing practices, Eco-Apple Certified

Cider Making: Methode Champenoise, non-dosage

Vegan: Yes

Typicity: Typical dry apple cider, and I would consider it a benchmark for Vermont.

Bio: Why do we love cider so much? Because it’s a truly exceptional beverage for all occasions. And when it’s made with care-it rivals any wine or cocktail out there. 

Eden Specialty Ciders in Newport, Vermont has been a dear love of ours for years now. The care and attention given to the entire process—growing, picking, pressing, fermentation, dosage and finally, bottling is all there. 

This cider was bottled in 2019 with no additions of Ice Cider for additional sweetness. What we get is a dry, lightly sparkling and decidedly linear example of fine apple cider. 

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