2013 Harkham Wine ‘Aziza’s Shiraz’, Shiraz | Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Varietal(s): Shiraz/Syrah

Vineyard Management: No fungicides, no pesticides, sustainable practices

Winemaking: spontaneous fermentation, no sulfur additions, no additions of any kind

Vegan: Yes. Also, Kosher.

Typicity: Atypical for Shiraz from Hunter Valley because of the presence of a small bit of Volatile Acidity and the lack of oak. This bottling is very fresh example of what we usually see as a heavier red wine. Lee is trying to drink it all, save him from himself. 

Bio: The Harkam family began winemaking in 1951 in Israel's Zichron Yackov region. With no running water or electricity, the family made due. In 2005 the family decided to buy a Windarra Estate in Hunter Valley and start over. Hand harvested, sorted and natural fermentations with no additions have become their hallmark. 

The wines are meant to capture a snapshot of a place in time, and this bottling does exactly that. I look forward to seeing this family continue to grow in their new home of Hunter Valley. 


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