Lalo, Tequila Blanco | Altos de Jalisco, Mexico

Varietal(s): 6-7 year old Agave

Mosto Preparation: Agave steamed in cob ovens for 20-32 hours, rest for 18 hours + milled for extraction

Fermentation: proprietary champagne yeast strain

Distillation: Destrozamiento to produce ordinario, ordinario distilled once for blanco

Bio: Lalo is owned and operated by two friends, Eduardo 'Lalo' Gonzaléz (grandson of the eponymous Don Julio) and David Carbadillo. Their goal was to make additive free, pure blanco tequila that they felt represented the traditions of the past as well as the future of modern-day Jalisco.

In addition to creating an exceptional blanco, Lalo is partnered with a single agave farmer that has received ESR certification. The ESR distinctive is a recognition given by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) to companies that meet the criteria in the following areas: Social responsibility management, quality of employees' lives, business ethics, links with the community and environment.

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