NV Field Recordings ‘Clouds 2.0’, Sparkling Colombard + Peaches | Paso Robles, California

Varietal(s): 80% Colombard + 20% Cling Peaches

Vineyard Management: Sustainable 

Winemaking: Native yeast, Unfined/Unfiltered, minimal sulfur at bottling with no other additives

Vegan: Yes

Typicity: Atypical. A petillant naturel blend of Colombard base wine refermented with peaches is delicious and very singular. 

Bio: Andrew Jones spent the first part of his career in the vineyard as a vine nursery fieldman--planning and planting vineyards all throughout the Central Coast. 

Jones' unparalleled field experience makes his vineyard selection all the more special. His relationships with the farmers of smaller plots coupled with his hands-off winemaking style yields wines that can be classic or in this case quite experimental. 

Co-ferments are nothing new, but its nice to see such a fun example make a second showing.

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