2019 Il Monte Caro, Corvino blend | Valpolicella Superiore, Veneto, Italy

Varietal(s): Corvino, Corvinone, Rondinella

Vineyard Management: Practicing Organic 

Winemaking: Spontaneous fermentation, minimal sulfur additions at bottling (if needed)

Vegan: Yes

Typicity: Typical for Valpolicella Superiore. 

Bio: The Marcolini Family began in Veneto in 1986, when Enzo Marcolini fell in love with Il Monte Caro and decided to carve out a life in agriculture there. Now with his sons are part of Marcolini's dream to bring diversity to the area not only in the vineyard but with an apiary, herbs and heirloom vegetables. All of their wines are made without any additives. We love the dedication this young family gives to their land, their wine and we hope to continue to enjoy their wines for many years to come. 


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