2020 Scribe 'Estate', Rosé of Pinot Noir | Sonoma County, California

Varietal(s): Pinot Noir

Vineyard Management: Practicing organic with a focus on biodiversity

Winemaking: Spontaneous yeast fermentation, Filtered/Unfined

Vegan: Yes 

Typicity: Typical Pinot Noir rosé from Sonoma County. 

Bio: Andrew and Adam Mariani are fourth generation California farmers, with the family growing almonds and walnuts in Winters, California. In 2007, after working wine harvests Greece, Cote-Rotie and South Africa they returned and purchased a turkey ranch just south of the town of Sonoma at the base of Arrowhead Mountain. It took the better part of four years to revitalize the property eschewing all additives-focusing on restoring biodiversity and the soil's microbiota. 

Their wines are now such a staple of low-interventionist and organic farming in Sonoma that I sometimes forget it started with two young brothers on defunct turkey ranch. What started as a bit experimental, has now quickly become the standard. That's how I know I'm getting old. 

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